Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players

The most powerful cloud-based digital signage solution for BrightSign Digital Signage Players.


About Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Player

A few words about Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage players

Who is behind Signagelive for BrightSign digital signage players?

BrightSign players are robust, industrial-grade digital signage devices brought to you by the global market leader in digital signage media players. Signagelive has worked closely with BrightSign to develop a deep integration that unlocks the full power of BrightSign players natively from our cloud-based digital signage platform.

Signagelive is a cloud-based digital signage service used daily by 2000+ networks in 46 countries. Signagelive is used in a wide range of  applications, including; schools, internal communications and retail. Signagelive provides all the features required to create, schedule and publish great looking content to your BrightSign Digital Signage players.

Why choose Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players?

The non-PC solution for robust, scalable, enterprise-class digital signage

There are many great digital signage hardware and software options available, but we think Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players delivers a scalable, affordable and feature-rich solution that you’ll love.

BrightSign Digital Signage Players and Signagelive’s digital signage service; deliver amazing price/performance.

Three great reasons to choose Signagelive and BrightSign Digital Signage Players for your next digital signage project:

  • Backed by the best

    Choosing BrightSign and Signagelive you are working with industry leaders

  • Cloud-based Digital Signage

    No servers or software to install, just connect your BrightSign Digital Signage Plater to the Internet, log into Signagelive and you’re ready to go.

  • We deliver a service, not just the software

    From an initial demonstration, through to getting started and keeping everything working; our support team are online and ready to help.

With the support of this long list of new features, Signagelive has created an easily scalable, 100 percent cloud-based BrightSign digital signage solution for global brands and corporations. They have unlocked virtually all of BrightSign’s capabilities and enabled a broad set of custom solutions on their platform with our world-class digital signage players.

The BrightSign Player Range

What BrightSign Players do you support?

View supported BrightSign models

Use the BrightSign Player Selector to decide which model is best for you

BrightSign Player Selector

BrightSign Inside

Part of the BrightSign HD Series 3 product family, the HS123 is a digital signage module (DSM) created for OEM partners that manufacture displays and kiosks for digital signage. All Displays manufactured with a BrightSign HS123 digital signage module (and above) inside are fully compatible with Signagelive for BrightSign.

Bluefin + BrightSign + Signagelive

We have collaborated with Bluefin and BrightSign to deliver a range of Signagelive powered Displays with BrightSign Built-in. Each display comes complete with a Signagelive 1-year licence so all you require is an Internet connection to be up and running with your digital signage in minutes.

Central to the tri-party collaboration is a 10″ RoomSign touchscreen solution complete with the Signagelive RoomBooking app and for $899 MSRP. In addition, Bluefin provides a complete range of 8″ to 32″ finished and open-chassis BrightSign Built-in displays with or without touchscreen and all powered by Signagelive.

Build Infinitely Scalable Video Walls with Signagelive and BrightSign

Signagelive for BrightSign includes frame accurate synchronisation to the BrightSIgn 3 series range of players.

This great feature of Signagelive provides the ability to synchronise any number of BrightSign players on a local network. This is perfect for creating spectacular visual effects or ensuring that advertising content is synchronised across all displays at the same time.

The number of synchronised players that can be set up is unlimited, so spectacular effects can be created for a whole range of different applications including media sales and retail. For more information on how to synchronise your Brightsign players please take a look at this article.

Develop Custom Applications and Experiences with Signagelive and BrightSign

For those customers looking to build custom user interfaces and experience, Signagelive has the tools you require.

Every mouse click and key press within our platform is available for developers to access via our suite of APIs. In addition, our Widget Development Framework enables HTML5 content and applications to be packaged, distributed and installed on BrightSign players for offline use.

Visit our ‘Build’ website to find out more information and sign up to our developers’ forum.


How do I get started with Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players?

BrightSign Support

Scheduling capabilities of Signagelive for BrightSign Players

Just In Time SchedulingYesConditional TagsYes
Forward SchedulingYes
Automatic Reboot of PlayerYes
Screen On/Off ControlYesContent Check FrequencyYes
GPIO InterruptsYesHealth Check FrequencyYes
Validity of Assets in PlaylistYesProof of Content DeliveryYes
Keyboard Interrupt/TriggerYesWeb Trigger InterruptsYes

Full Screen Media Supported with Signagelive for BrightSign Players

VideoYesWeb PagesYes
Video InputYes – XT range only

Multi-zone Media Supported with Signagelive for BrightSign Players

VideoYesVideo InputYes
RSS TickerYes
Media RSSYesLayout Background ImageYes
Web PagesYesDefault Assets per ZoneYes
IPTVYesDual HD VideoYes (XT/XD models only)

Ticker Features of Signagelive for BrightSign Players

Background ImageYesLeft to Right AnimationNo
Background ColourYes
Right to Left AnimationYes
Font SizeYesTop to Bottom AnimationNo
Font ColourYesBottom to Top AnimationNo
Custom FontsNoFade In/Out AnimationNo
Separator ImageNo

Configuration and Settings for Signagelive for BrightSign Players

TimezoneYesPlay content without an internet connectionYes
Ethernet ConfigurationYes – via config tool

Wireless ConfigurationYes – via config toolVolumeNo
Log File UploadsNoAutomatic Signagelive app updatesYes
System Info ReportingYesAutomatic Firmware updatesNo
Player Synchronization Yes



MSRP for 1-year licence


MSRP for 1-year licence


MSRP for 1-year licence


MSRP for 1-year licence

Calling all BrightSign Resellers – very special pricing available to power your digital signage growth

Get in touch for details

Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players licences can be purchased annually or monthly.

Pricing shown is MSRP per BrightSign Digital Signage Player and includes online support and updates.

Discounts are available for volume orders and for authorised resellers.

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